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What are Cache and Cookies?


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What are Cache and Cookies?

Post by CharlieRosetta on Thu May 08, 2014 9:37 am

Arrow  Arrow  Arrow It is where information about your web-activities are stored.

In Cookies, it will save your username or password and small basic information. When your web-browsers asks "Do you want to save your password', the browser will save them in cookies. Sometimes they will be encrypted so that other sites will not be able to access those cookies.

Cache - some of your frequently visited pages are cached (saved). If cached pages are the same when you are visiting the same page again, then your browser will display it from your cache instead of getting it from the server (where pages are actually stored).

Nothing will happen if you clear Cache and Cookies. You will only lose what are saved in them. It is safe to clear your caches sometimes, like after you visit some "adult" or unsafe sites!

Exclamation Do clear your caches and cookies when you use any public computers like in library or if you feel sites you visited are sensitive or personal. Exclamation


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