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Browsers troubleshooting


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Browsers troubleshooting

Post by myshka74 on Tue May 06, 2014 9:11 am

Browsers Trouble shooting tips:

A browser is an application used to search and display web content.  In a client/ server model, the browser is the client which send request to the server, the server processes the request and renders the results back to the browser in form of a web page.
Rosetta Stone products are supported in 4 well known browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.  Most of these browsers support plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player, needed to deliver the course content, and JavaScript which is a widely used scripting language to manipulate web content.
One of the first things we need to keep in mind, while processing customer calls or email cases, is the reliability of our infrastructure.  Our servers are up 99.98% -24/7.  It means that a problem is hardly ever experienced in our end.  That being said, we should immediately start thinking that something might be wrong with the learner’s network, computer or the browser being used.

Please follow these tips while troubleshooting issues:

1. Make sure that the browser and the Adobe Flash Player are updated
2. Watch for add-ons that may be creating conflicts to our products: anti-virus , Skype, etc.
3. Restart the browser.
4. Recommend to delete browser history (cache and cookies).  You can provide instructions available here.
5. Restart the browser.
6. *Try other browsers if that option is available, but be careful, you don’t want to ask a Microsoft or Google or Mozilla employee to try a different browser.
7. Suggest the learner to escalate to IT support if he doesn’t have enough privileges to change the settings.

Some browser specific issues you can encounter:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Enable native XMLHTTP support is unchecked.  The TOTALe learner may experience a gray or blank screen upon launching the application.  You can find an article about this issue here.
2. JavaScript is disabled. The learner will click on the Launch Rosetta Stone option, but nothing will happen.  The application will hang with message “Launching..”  or “Checking system readiness”.  To enable JavaScript click on Tools> Internet Options.  From the windows that appears, click on the Internet icon, then click on button.  Scroll down to find the Scripting category and click on Enable, click on button and finally confirm to same changes.

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Make sure that it is updated to latest version available for the learner’s OS.
2. Make sure that the Adobe Flash Player plug in is installed.  If the plug in is missing, the learner ‘s window would freeze before displaying the course content.

Google Chrome:
Google Chrome has an embedded version of Adobe Flash Player.  In rare cases you will need to disable the internal version and work with the external.

Safari will freeze with the message “Launching…” if JavaScript is disable.  To enable JavaScript, click on Edit > Preferences…  From the menu that appears, click on Enable JavaScript.

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