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Headset Configuration (good to know)


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Headset Configuration (good to know)

Post by CharlieRosetta on Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:29 pm

Hi Team,

I like to share this with you.

I had a call earlier wherein a learner was unable to setup his microphone and headset for the Rosetta Stone. This sounds very familiar, I know, but this case might not: 03034095. I bomgard'd the said user because we could not figure out what the exact issue was:

We tried 3 macbooks, I know macbook is kinda special but let's not get into that yet, and in all seemed the issue was the same. We checked system preferences, setup the microphone and headset appropriately, we ran several tests on other applications and everything was working fine. We checked the system preferences in Rosetta Stone web portal and everything seemed fine without any error message or general messages popping up, but the microphone and the headset was not working on the speech recognition, although the headphones on the headset were working (giving out the sounds), which indicated the headset as being recognized and working fine.

After some frustrating troubleshootings, there was still no solution in sight. I remembered in another case were the website was "blocked" to use the camera on a Studio Session. Now guess what, the learner unaware of having the website blocked the access to the cameras and microphones in all his networks.

So please keep this little thing in mind, that if nothing helps, it's not always necessarily the website or any misconfiguration of headset and microphone but some additional settings in the browser (or network) might contribute to this issue.

Solution: Have the learner checked his setting in the "exceptions" of his browser and have him "allow" the access to the microphones and headsets "manually" if this does not pop up for him (which is already an indicator).

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