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How to recognize the product


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How to recognize the product

Post by CharlieRosetta on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:44 am

1. How do you access your account?
- Personal edition v3, homeschool v3, totale v4: double click icon on desktop
- Totale v4 (online): totale.rosettastone.com (username = emailaddress and password)

2. Where do you install your product?
- Personal edition v3, homeschool v3, totale v4: as standalone product installed to a single or multiple desktops/laptops
- Totale v4: online

3. Where did you purchase your product?
- Retail, reseller, online from rosettastone.com

4. Any information which could help determining your product:
- Order number, invoice number
- Activation ID
- Registration code
- Email conversations, etc.


- Personal edition v3: identified by language level CDs (yellow box)
- Homeschool v3: identified by homeshool on the top right of box (yellow box with language CDs)
- Totale v4: identified with the blue Totale on the yellow box

Note: If you could solve the issue (flashplayer, headset), send email, add comments and forward case to cons for further processing

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