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Usage Reports


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Usage Reports

Post by myshka74 on Sun May 11, 2014 12:55 pm

Viewing Learner Reports:

You can access reports on your Rosetta Stone progress from the home screen of your Rosetta Stone Access Portal. The "My Reports" feature allows you to select a language level and a time period: you can then export your report as an Excel doc, a CSV, or a PDF file.

1. Sign in to your Rosetta Stone Access Portal
2. Click "My Reports" in the middle of the screen
3. Select a language level from the drop-down menu
4. Select a time range for the report you want to view by choosing a start date and an end date. In the “To” field, you can click "Now"  at the bottom of the drop-down calendar if you want to create a report that shows your current progress. Click "OK".
5. Click "Export XLS", "Export CSV",  or "Create PDF"  to generate a report of your progress
6. If you choose to generate a PDF, select "Open with" and use the drop-down menu to select Adobe Reader®.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it free from http://get.adobe.com/reader/. You could also select "Save File" to save the file to your computer and open it later. Click "OK".

The report includes:
Language level
Overall score
Language level progress
Curriculum type
Learner group
Last activity date
Current activity
Individual activity scores
Date of last time learner attempted each activity
Time spent in the program

Rosetta Stone Manager has scheduled feature integrated to the reports. It means that Admins can schedule the reports to be made, which includes weekly basis.

Once you’ve launched Rosetta Stone® and have visual access to your Guided Path of study, the program has not yet started recording your time. This is because you are not yet actively engaged in a language-learning activity.

Recorded Usage:
As soon as you open an activity and access your language-learning content, you will start recording usage in the program.
If, at any point during the activity you click on the “pause” button, the program will stop recording your usage. Likewise, if you return to the home screen or to your Rosetta Stone® Access Portal, your time is no longer being recorded.

Should you ever repeat an activity in the program, your score will be replaced with the score you received from your most recent attempt. Your time spent in the program will be representative of your combined total usage.

TOTALe® PRO records 30 minutes on your program usage report for each completed Rosetta Studio® session. In order for the Studio Coach to mark your Studio session as “completed,” you must attend at least 70% of the Studio session.

Time spent in Rosetta World® is calculated based on engaged interaction with the activities. You must be actively playing a game or reading a story for the program to document your usage.

Mobile Applications and Audio Companion™:
Time spent in the Rosetta Course™ application and TOTALe Studio™ HD application for iPad is counted towards your program usage report. Similar to your online Rosetta Stone® account, usage is only tracked while you are actively engaged in an activity in the application. Simply signing in and leaving the application open will not count as recorded usage.

Time spent using the TOTALe Companion™ application and the Audio Companion™ is not added to your program usage report. The TOTALe Companion™ and the Audio Companion™ consist of supplemental content designed to reinforce learning that has already occurred.

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