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If Rosetta application crashed on iPad


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If Rosetta application crashed on iPad

Post by myshka74 on Sun May 11, 2014 11:06 am

In those cases when Rosetta application crashed on iPad, please follow theses instructions:

1. Close all running application.
2. Clear cache and cookies.
3. Make sure the Learner has no network level security that could be causing an issue.
4. Advice the Learner to make speedtest.
5. Uninstall the application, then turn off the device for a while and then reinstall it.


Iphone 3, 4, 4s: You just have to double click on home button. Then, it would show opened apps on tab below. Just long press on any of the apps open and it would show an "x" button on each. just click the "x" button to close it.

Iphone 5, 5s: Double click on home button then slide apps going up.

Tablets: You just have to long press the home button>task manager>exit button on the application.

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