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How many licenses are used/How many left?


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How many licenses are used/How many left?

Post by myshka74 on Fri May 09, 2014 5:55 pm

In some cases, the Learner registration is active in Rosetta Stone Manager, but when the Admin would like to register the Learner, she/he gets a message that the registration can not be completed. It is because all the organization's licenses are used. How can she/he check how many licenses are used/how many left?

The Admin can not see himself the source of the problem. In this case, we suggest them to contact the Super_Admin, but we can also check here in Rosetta Manager the number of used licenses:

1. Find the Admin's or the Learner's account in C/E Editor.
2. Open the account by clicking on namespace.
3. Sign-in as Super_Admin.
4. Launch Rosetta Stone Manager.
5. Signed-in as Super_Admin you can see the quantity of used licenses on the first page, at the right button corner.
If the Admin does not see the number of used licenses, it means that he/she does not have access to it.

She/he should contact the Super_Admin of the organization.

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