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1st monthly quality forum minutes


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1st monthly quality forum minutes

Post by CharlieRosetta on Thu May 08, 2014 11:45 am

Q:           How are calls chosen?

A:            Randomly.

Q:           Are we marked down if the caller interrupts the opening and jumps to the issue?

A:            If the opening spiel is interrupted, it is an N/A, however later we need to get back to the verification of the user’s information.

Q:           What if the user provides a case number, shall we still verify everything?

A:            Yes. But it is ok to say: “So this is the case number you provided, so your name is XY and you are calling from CCC Company, right?...”

Q:           Are escalated calls evaluated?

A:            Not yet.

Q:           How are 0% calls counted?

A:            As 0, so they bring down the average quite a lot.

Q:           What should we use: “solution provided” or “solved”?

A:            Depends on the case. If you feel a solution was provided, chose “solved”. If not 100%, “solution suggested” is also good. Do not use “pending customer response” if you suggested a solution.

If you have any questions, let Zach or Radka know.

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